Converting Systems/Parts

Converting Systems/Parts

The SPS modular folding carton system brings a done-in-one process solution to your new or existing flexo or gravure press lines. The in-line system combines the process of rotary die cutting, creasing, embossing, waste removal, and product stacking in one complete system at speeds up to 350 meters per minute. The SPS system reduces lead times to customers, improves product quality, and reduces the cost of manufacturing.

Sheet Diverting Conveyor

The precision sheet diverter allows bad or defective sheets to be removed from production as needed at speeds up to 300 meters per minute.

Vacuum Transfer Systems

This custom high speed vacuum table is used directly after the die cutting operation to hold carton blanks and provide spacing in the machine direction. These systems are built per customer needs and press requirements at speeds up to 350 meters per minute.

The precision high speed Vacuum/Static transfer systems is used on Bobst, Zerand and other high speed equipment. These systems are designed to reduce parts required, decrease jams, and provide better flow and capture of product. The systems have been designed and tested up to 350 meters per minute with nine lanes of product flow.

Rotary Die Cassette Parts

SPS provides many different types of cassette parts and gear sets for a variety of applications such as embossing or segmented die cutting. SPS rotary die parts fit in multiple popular press brands of die cutters. Bobst, Eastern, Madern, Bernal, Mark Andy are all types that SPS supplies to its customers. Our quick turnaround and innovative designs have increased speed and production.

Stripping Systems

SPS offers a variety of stripping and transfer plates used in the manufacturing of folding cartons, labels, and boxes. Stripping systems are easy to use, providing varying adjustments of the comb holders and transfer plate. Simply send us your product layout and machine type and let us design you a system that fits your specific requirements.

Transfer plates, stripping combs, and pins are manufactured to the highest quality and fit. They can be produced with various materials and be made with highly wear-resistant coatings.

Spare Parts

SPS is committed to providing you with the best spare parts and consumables delivered as quickly as possible. Parts for many different types of machinery (Bobst, Zerand, Cerutti) are stocked at our location. Parts include shafts, couplings, stripping combs, etc. If we don’t have the part, simply provide a sample and we can get one manufactured for you using our Reverse Engineering Service..

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