About Us

About Us

SPS is more than decades of experience, skilled employees, and a 35,000-square-foot building. We’re more than the premier custom metal fabricator throughout the Southeast and North America. We’re even more than a single, comprehensive source for the widest range of custom metal fabrication, machining, and engineering solutions.

SPS is the combination of extremely skilled and highly-trained craftsmen, the latest technology, and dedication to our customers. We do that by specializing in stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and polycarbonates to deliver the finest-quality finished products at the best possible price.


SPS’s people are the key to its success. With the utmost dedication, our engineers, machinists, laborers, and managers all work tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations.


SPS was founded by Aaron Bloy and Joseph Solberg in October 2001,with only one machining center and one lathe and a space no larger than a garage. Bloy and Solberg envisioned a company that allowed local manufacturers to buy replacement parts for equipment produced overseas without having to go overseas. They set off to provide better quality at a competitive price with shorter lead times while also keeping manufacturing in America.

Over the next 15 years, the needs of SPS’s clients evolved, and the services of SPS have expanded. In 2008 SPS moved into a new 35,000-square-foot facility in Tyrone, Georgia, which houses many machining centers, lasers, press brakes, grinders, and a full quality inspection department. SPS also has onsite engineering for part design and custom automation solutions. This growth all stems from looking every day for ways to meet the original goals.

We provide better quality at a competitive price with shorter lead times, and—most of all—keep manufacturing here in America.
Let us prove it to you.


A 35,000-square-foot building is just the start. It includes overhead crane bays, dedicated equipment areas, a paint booth, and many more features. The facility is clean, well-lit, and air-conditioned to provide our employees with a safe, comfortable place to work.

We’re most proud of the fact that the design of our manufacturing facility was a collaborative effort that included input from our employees. While new equipment is continually added as we grow, the employees’ well-thought-out workflow plan makes our manufacturing area exceptionally functional and organized.


To be widely recognized as an innovator and world leader in precision-manufactured components throughout the paper, packaging and other related industries.

To provide our customers with personal quality service and provide them with innovative products and services while sustaining a challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees.