Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

SPS Reverse Engineering service can provide OEM style replacement parts that are no longer available, extremely difficult to find, have a high cost or long lead time. In the past, the customer could have been forced to alter their production processes or even purchase a new machine, resulting in a major expense.

As part of our commitment to solving challenging problems for our customers, SPS has developed reverse engineering services that enable us to reproduce replacement parts in a timely and cost-effective manner. All we need is a sample of the worn or broken part or piece from the new part from your storeroom and we can produce a replacement part that will perform just like the original (or better!), or you won’t pay for it.

Precise Reverse Engineering of Machine Parts Using Advanced Technology
Our reverse engineering services utilize advanced Zeiss CMM Scanning technology to measure your parts that we then import directly into our Solidworks Design software. From there, our engineers can review all the information and provide the appropriate tolerances to be sure your parts can perform as well as the OEM, or even better.

Samples of Reverse Engineered parts can be made from many types of materials: Steel, Aluminum, Alloys, Tool Steels, Rubber, Injection Molded, Cast, Die Cast, to name a few.

Types of parts that are typically produced by our Reverse Engineering Service include spline shafts, seal bars, core chucks, mounting plates, gears, housings, and grippers.

Inventory Stocking

At SPS we believe in providing our customers with value-added services like keeping an inventory of critical machine parts so we can deliver or ship within hours of receiving an order. This service is available to all of our customers, large and small.